aboutSince its beginnings in 1921 – and even back to the Old Settlers Association, founded in 1876 – the Stevens County Historical Society, located in Morris, Minnesota, has worked diligently to collect the best examples of historical artifacts of life on the prairie. Everything from books and letters to clothing, tools, utensils, photographs, and handmade articles has found its way into our collection. The Historical Museum houses captivating displays of items once used in farming, industry, spinning, cooking, education, religion, medicine, animal husbandry, housing, and works of local artisans in Stevens County.

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The Old Settlers Association was formed to commemorate and honor the pioneer spirit of the early settlers of western Minnesota. This was a story of indomitable hope; the transformation of the great expanse of prairie into what has been called “one of the most prosperous and promising counties in the western part of the state.” The earliest settlers to Stevens County were awed by the immensity of the area – its beauty and strength, its endless possibilities. They respected the land and the power of the weather as they sacrificed and labored to build new lives in a new world.

Today, our 400+ members and thousands of visitors each year embody the spirit of those who came before us with their generosity, inventiveness, hard-work, and continued hope in the bright future of life West Central Minnesota. As we move further into the new 21st Century, we pledge to continue our mission to…

Collect, Preserve and Interpret the History of Stevens County, Minnesota.

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Hall of Honor – Men & Women of the Land

Stevens County Historical Society recently hosted another Hall of Honor, Men & Women of the Land premiere showing at the museum. The following individuals were featured at the premiere: Maurice & Rosalys Weiler, Steve “Skip” Sherstad, Pearl and Walter Hanse, and Chester and Lorraine Marty.

Hall of Honor Description

Calling all alumni/nae from St. Mary’s School in Morris, MN!

St. Mary's Catholic School - Morris, Minnesota

The Stevens County Historical Society and Museum is partnering with St. Mary’s and their Centennial Celebration committee. This project work will be on display during Assumption Church’s Septemberfest, September 20th & 21st of 2014, in conjunction with festivities celebrating the centennial of St. Mary’s school.Student Sleuth Graphic C

SPECIAL NOTICE TO ALL SMS ALUM:  If you are willing to participate in an oral interview conducted by a current SMS student, please email: info@stevenshistorymuseum.com.

Student Sleuth Graphic B

Please see this flyer: St Mary’s Centennial Student Sleuth Flyer for additional information.

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