This Norwegian dish set is part of a collection donated by Agnes Gaarder Steiler and was owned by her aunt, Andrea Ihler. Andrea lived on the Korsmo farm in southeastern Norway before immigrating to Minnesota. The largest container is a butter dish and was brought over from Norway. The second largest dish is a sugar bowl. The two small pots with spoons are for salt and pepper. The bowl lid and the spoons all have “Norge” (Norway) burned into the wood – this part of the design and the lack of wear imply that these items may have been souvenirs rather than practical objects.

All the dishes are made out of wood and have designs painted in red, yellow, and green. The two larger dishes are made in the style of a tine (pronounced tee-nah), a traditional bentwood box where the lid fits into the prongs on each side. While the dishes have a traditional top, a true tine would have a base made out of a single piece of bent wood. This style of container dates back over 1000 years in Norway.