More About Barn Quilts

Approximately 80-90 people attended the “Barn Quilts and More” event, sponsored by the Stevens County Historical Society at the rural Morris home of Ward and Carol Voorhees on Sunday, June 25 to see the unveiling of their barn quilts. Barn Quilts are large wooden panels painted with a design from a single block of a cloth quilt, and mounted on a building.

The purpose of this event was to introduce the general community to this art form, with the hope that enough people would be interested in having a barn quilt made for their place of residence or business. If enough people do this, a Barn Quilt Trail can be organized, which can then become a tourist attraction.  There are currently over 120 Barn Quilt Trails in the US, 7 of them in Minnesota.

Barn Quilts usually have a story associated with each quilt, or have a special meaning for the owners.  Cindy Heffner from Eagle Bend, who made the Voorhees Barn Quilts, explained the meaning behind each one during the afternoon program.  These Barn Quilts are easily seen from the highway, but Voorhees encourages anyone who really is interested to stop in any time and view them up close.  He would be happy to chat about Barn Quilts in general or theirs specifically.  He can be contacted at 320-334-2079.