Horizontal Grandeur Fine Art Exhibit

June 21-October 26, 2018

The exhibit this year will be the 11th Horizontal Grandeur Fine Art Exhibit.  Any artist residing in a US state or Canadian province with a prairie can enter an original piece.  All genres will be considered, from painting to photography to sculpture – anything inspired by the prairie and made by you!  The entry fee is $5.00 per piece, with a maximum of six entries per artist.  For more information, visit www.stevenshistorymuseum.com/horizontal-grandeur or contact us with questions.

Put on Your Sunday Best

100 Years of History and Fashion

Exhibit: November 11, 2017-end of 2018
Reception: Saturday, November 11, 2017

Fashion cannot be removed from its historical context. Clothing is lived in, literally; it is made functional and meaningful through it production and use. How did historical events, new technologies, and shifting cultural values affect fashion? What materials were available, what was acceptable, and how were materials and information were disseminated?


  • Clothing donated or loaned by Stevens County residents
  • Dress up area for kids
  • Related programs throughout the year
  • Blog posts exploring other aspects of how history and fashion are connected

Men and Women of the Land, Hall of Honor


This is a video exhibit about people that were nominated by their friends and families. We have space for 50 nominees and have 45 of them taken. We have also completed 25 videos. These videos are about 15 minutes each and they are a short biography of each person. You do not need to know the person specifically to enjoy the videos!

To learn more about the Hall of Honor, CLICK HERE!

CLICK HERE to view the completed videos on our YouTube Channel


Artists of the Past – July-October 2018

Artists of the Past displays local 20th century artists and their diverse work. From oil paintings to cartoons, appreciate and enjoy the work of Florence Ortman, Leora Thedin Aanestad, Harry Hume, Ruth Piepenburg Domingo, Ernest Strubbe, Doris Kampmeyer Benson, John Stuart Ingle, and Delmar Holdgrafer.


Through the Needle’s Eye – January 14 – April 1, 2019National Exhibit from The Embroiderer’s Guild of America

The Embroiderer’s Guild of America acknowledges the value of needlework in art and history. The National Exhibit is a representative selection of the best in artistic and technical works. It is through the needle’s eye that EGA embraces both traditional and contemporary needlework while expanding the perception of embroidery as an art form.

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