Pheasants…Are They Forever?


An exhibit exploring the role of pheasants in Stevens County

and their relationship with its people and the environment.


Men and Women of the Land, Hall of Honor


This is a video exhibit about people that were nominated by their friends and families. We have space for 50 nominees and have 45 of them taken. We have also completed 25 videos. These videos are about 15 minutes each and they are a short biography of each person. You do not need to know the person specifically to enjoy the videos!

CLICK HERE to view the completed videos on our YouTube Channel

Scandinavian at Heart

Scandinavian at Heart will feature a thought-provoking mixture of historical artifacts, modern traditional pieces, and imaginative interpretations of Scandinavian and Nordic art and history. The exhibit will have painting, rosemåling, illustration, pottery, beading, carving, and weaving. Pieces are inspired by the art and stories of Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland. Our artists come from different ethnic backgrounds, but all have been steeped in the Scandinavian culture that is so common in the Midwest.

Tiger Pride!

Tiger Pride! celebrates decades of Morris Tigers pride with Tigers gear from 1930’s through today!



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