As with most research facilities, SCHS has certain policies it asks its staff and patrons to follow. Many artifacts and archival materials are one of a kind and must be protected for future generations. We do allow members and patrons access to most of the SCHS collection as long as they follow the policies set forth in our Research Policy Brochures. Download Research Policy Brochures:

If you are here looking for information about on-line documents and archives for Stevens County, Minnesota we have begun uploading the the Stevens County cemetery records, and you can see what we have so far by clicking here. Remember, 98% of all records used for genealogical reseach are not found on-line. 

You can call us at (320) 589-1719 or use our contact form if you would like us to help with your research.   We charge $35 for a standard research report or $15 per hour. 

Stevens County census and other records can be found at the paid sites, (SCHS members can use for free in our archive),  or indexes can be searched for the 1910, 1920 and 1930 censuses at

For more information about specific research resouces, you can also check these following links:

Several other websites you may find useful are:

  • One Step Search by Steve Morse has advanced search forms for many genealogically significant databases. 
  • To search Passenger Lists
    • Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild volunteers have transcribed over 9,000 passenger lists.  Search by surname, captain’s name, port of arrival or departure, ship name or browse by location.  The search box is down at the bottom of the page, but there is also a video to help walk you through your search.
    • Ellis Island Records has over 22 million entries between 1892 and 1924, searchable for free by ship or passenger name.
    • Olive Tree Genealogy includes over 2,300 free ship passenger lists to the United States and Canada.  Free records are marked with a little olive tree. 
    • The Ships List offers several thousand free pages of information related to immigrants, including immigration reports, newspaper accounts, shipwreck information, ship photos, some diaries and journals. 

Hall of Honor – Men & Women of the Land

Stevens County Historical Society recently hosted another Hall of Honor, Men & Women of the Land premiere showing at the museum. The following individuals were featured at the premiere: Maurice & Rosalys Weiler, Steve “Skip” Sherstad, Pearl and Walter Hanse, and Chester and Lorraine Marty.

Hall of Honor Description

Calling all alumni/nae from St. Mary’s School in Morris, MN!

St. Mary's Catholic School - Morris, Minnesota

The Stevens County Historical Society and Museum is partnering with St. Mary’s and their Centennial Celebration committee. This project work will be on display during Assumption Church’s Septemberfest, September 20th & 21st of 2014, in conjunction with festivities celebrating the centennial of St. Mary’s school.Student Sleuth Graphic C

SPECIAL NOTICE TO ALL SMS ALUM:  If you are willing to participate in an oral interview conducted by a current SMS student, please email:

Student Sleuth Graphic B

Please see this flyer: St Mary’s Centennial Student Sleuth Flyer for additional information.

Student Sleuth Graphic A