Stevens County Historical Society

Hall of Honor

“Each man of the land comes and has his time.  He lives and loves and laughs, and walks the land, and calls it his.  After a time, one way or another, the man leaves.  The land remains.”

 Dorothy Darling Wagner

from “The Man of the Land” 1978

The Hall of Honor area is located in our board meeting/conference room.

It is fitting that it be named after men and women who have contributed and continue to contribute in some manner to what we collectively value as Stevens County history.


  • It may be someone who has gained worldwide fame or recognition.
  • It may be someone who has influenced youth through education and example.
  • It may be someone who contributes through their talents and skills.
  • It may be someone who quietly and humbly raises their family and practices good citizenship.
  • It may be someone who provides goods and services.


With a $5,000 donation, which can come from an individual, a group of people, or an organization, the heritage of the person of your choosing, past or present will become a part of our “Men and Women of the Land” Hall of Honor.  Please give thoughtful consideration to donating and nominating someone to the Hall of Honor.

Together we will preserve their history.

Current Hall of Honor videos at the museum:

Charles & Carol Berg

Rodney Briggs

"Doc" John & Helen Busch

Loren Carr

Robert & Rebecca Darling

Carol Day

Ted & Phyllis Dosdall

Peter & Agnes Erdahl

Sivert & Ingeborg Erdahl

Anton & Rosetha Ettesvold

Lloyd & Diane Fehr

Paul Fehr, Sr.

Theodore Fenske

Frank J. Fox

Harley Hanke

Pearl & Walter Hanse

Walter “Slim” & Lily Hokanson

Philip Jordan

Charles C.B. & Margret Kloos

Ed & Patty LaFave

Gerald & Lois Loher

Chester & Lorraine Marty

Harvey Mathison

Charles & Marjorie Mesenbrink

Lola & DeWayne Michaelson

Oscar & Maria Mumm

Reverend Fred E. Pasche

Don Quackenbush

Doug & Louise Rasmusson

Charles & Jenny Sather

Andrew & Dorothea Satter

John Scharf

Steve "Skip" Sherstad

Bob & Harriet Stevenson

Donald Stroman

Alan Tonn

Richard & Dorothy Wagner

Maurice & Rosalys Weiler

Sid Wilcox

Leonard Wulf

Violet Wulf

Nominees to come:

Bob & Marian DeWall

Ersted Family

Friedrick & Louise Gausman

Thelma Gilbert

John “Jack” & Lucy Imholte

Willie Martin

Howard & Helen Olson


All videos are available to view at the museum during open hours.
If you are interested in more information please email us at .