Stevens County Historical Society

Collection Donations

The Stevens County Historical Society accepts many different kinds of artifacts, including documents, photographs, clothing, and other miscellaneous items. We would love to accept anything and everything related to Stevens County, however, storage space is limited. Thus, items that we accept must meet certain criteria as outlined in our collections policy. That criteria includes relevance to Stevens County history, condition of the item, if there are other similar objects already in the collection, whether or not we can reasonably store and display the item, and if it has supporting information.

Please DO NOT send items through the mail unless asked to do so by museum staff. The history of the item is very important to collect - we have a responsibility to maintain accurate records of artifacts. When we receive an unsolicited item through the mail we are not able to meet the appropriate standards, therefore we are unable to accept the item into our collection.

Currently, the SCHS is not able to accept:
Military uniforms
Baptismal gowns
Wedding dresses
Unidentified photographs